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    hahahah yes
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    This. So much this. An old neighbor of mine blames vaccines for her son’s mild autism (it’s slightly more severe than...
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    If she ever has children I’ll kidnap them and leave them at a monastery. I think they’ll thank me when they’re older
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    Yes. Polio is almost gone in this country because vaccines don’t work. Small Pox is almost gone in this country because...
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    Is there something I’m missing here? I don’t think the link was that stupid. I don’t understand how….it is stupid?...
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    #4 pissed me off. The rest is worth a loud, resounding *GUFFAW/CACKLE/GIGGLESNORT* But seriously, vaccine=not dying from...
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    A lot of this is funny, but making fun of people with intellectual disabilities is wrong.
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    Before you flip out, read it.
  12. bujnik said: Nice.